Pixel 7 Pro camera zoom, Pixel Watch UI and wristbands

Pixel 7 Pro camera zoom, Pixel Watch UI and wristbands

Over the past week, Google ran a Pixel 7 ad on YouTube that reveals a lot more Pixel Watch than we’ve seen before.

Starting with the phone, we may be getting our first camera samples from the Pixel 7 Pro. Google shows someone capturing a dive from a distance using 4x optical zoom, like the 6 Pro does today. In the background you see the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

There are also examples of the Pixel 7 offering “more detail, while “more focus” and “more magic” (eraser) are also touted.

App usage on the Pixel Watch app includes the Now Playing screen of YouTube Music for Wear OS, Google Maps navigation, Google Wallet/Pay, and taking a phone call. What’s remarkable about the last short, assuming its rep, is how you can flip the Pixel Watch so the crown is on the right instead of the left.

Speaking of watch faces, we see a few examples, but they’re probably applied in post. The one that looks new is an analog dial with two complication dots on the left (weather) and right (day/date).

We’re getting a fresh look at the Fitbit experience, especially the exercise interface. We see rings on the rim possibly representing heart zones (Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak), BPM (beats per minute) at the top, step count, and two other stats.

On the front of the band, we got a glimpse of what we think is the woven strap – note the plastic band attachment – in coral. And a leather strap with visible lugs that clearly differ from the default rubber ones.

Other items highlighted in the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch ad include the Tensor G2 and plenty of Pixel Buds Pro shots. This 30-second video is unlisted and posted on September 22. It has over 830,000 views and is presumably running as a YouTube ad.

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